George Romney and MLK

Maybe all the snide remarks can be withdrawn now.

Update: No media creation? Never. Just the honest, balanced journalism we're so used to.


Terry Cowgill

8:21 PM

I still don't see any indication that Mitt "saw" his father march or that, as he said in 1978, Mitt marched WITH his father. Let's face it, Mitt has screwed up a lot in the exaggeration department, a la Al Gore in 2000. This is not a media invention.


8:23 PM

Mitt still needs to watch what he says and how he says it. And Hardball's Chris Matthews is one tough prosecutor, but Romney's man this evening was way out of his depth. Kevin looked like a One L at Harvard being torn apart by a veteran professor.


11:20 PM

"And with this, a silly snafu turns officially stupid."

Bryan Preston

Terry Cowgill

7:01 AM

News accounts contradict the witnesses in the Politico story.