Game Over

So, if as Hollywood whines that the public doesn' t want Iraqi War movies, why is this selling so well, top of the rental lists, and ever so popular? At this rate it'll be the successful game companies, that gives the pubic what they want, who'll buy out the studios for their IP and name. Hollywood appears to have missed the impact of the technological shift as badly as MSM has. The public is getting the entertainment they crave, just not in the form that the old gatekeepers dispense.

Not being much of a "gamer", I'd prefer to get my war hero entertainment in movie form. But if Hollywood insists on projecting its politics on me, I have no problem ignoring their offerings. Books are better anyway.

But it is sad (well, not that sad) seeing another group of old media types go down in flames. First it was the music industry suing its audience. Then it was the newspaper business edging more and more to the left to secure the last of the Luddite readers who feel comfortable only when reading news in a form that involves mowing down forests and filling up dumps.

Funny too that when Hollywood does produce some good military programming, I'm the first one to subscribe on i-Tunes.



1:13 PM

Yeah, when I'm in the mood for war it's books I prefer as well. Best one I ever read was Michael Herr's " Dispatches. " Herr was a war corresponent for Esquire magazine back in the 60s. The guy can write. And I don't know what you think of " Apocalypse Now. " But Herr wrote the screenplay. That flick has one of the best opening credit scenes I've ever seen. If you like the smell of napalm and the sound of The Doors in the morning, check it out.

Actually that flick, based on Joseph Conrad's " Heart of Darkness, " shows and tells that war isn't just hell. It's madness sometimes. But we better get used to it. Soldiering may not be the world's oldest profession, but it's close. And like it or not, it ain't going away anytime soon.


1:39 PM

I liked Apocalypse Now, although I understand why so many people didn't. Dispatches was well written (read it a long, long time ago), though it doesn't make in my top ten war books. By far my favorite, is With the Old Breed, although without the personal connection (Sledge was in my Dad's company), I probably wouldn't consider it number one. It is a pretty amazing book, none the less.

My favorite war movie is Full Metal Jacket. Having been around drill instructors at Parris Island for a good long while, I just can't watch it without thinking of the fun we had with recruits.


9:29 PM

Didn't see Full Metal Jacket, but did have some fun when Kerry was running. Thought of pitching some war movies he might star in. Like Full Metal Blazer. And Saving Private Beaches.

Ah, Parris Island. I was in basic training this time of year many moons ago. Between November and January. Missed tornado season and the hot weather. But we had this drill instructor. Sadist name of Salvatore S. Threw one kid down the stairs. But all things considered, basic was a piece of cake. Compared with what you must have gone through. And what I did my first week at Norwich.