"An Excellent Performance"

Ann live blogs Mitt on Russert. If you are a political moderate (as I know some of you are), you should find Althouse generally to your liking. She has no dog in the Republican fight, making her review all the more pleasing to Mitt fans.


Terry Cowgill

7:56 PM

Wow, I think I'm in love. She is smart, insightful, doesn't carry water for either side and (judging from her bio pic) is hot. If I weren't married, I'd be stalking her.

I completely agree that Mitt is easily the most Reaganesque of the current GOP crop and that he generally was quite impressive in this interview.

But let face it, he is something of a flip-flopper. His explanations of some issues (guns, fees in Mass.) were convincing, but on others (especially the life issue) he appeared to be cravenly political in his conversion.

I liked how he handled the Mormon question, too, but he is basically another flip-flopper from Mass. I'm not sure that he would face the same fate as Kerry b'c I probably would vote for him anyway. Not that I'm necessarily a typical swing voter ...

Frankly, it doesn't bother me that much when candidates change their positions, but when they do, they should be called to account, as Russert has done. I agree with Althouse that both interviewer and interviewee came across well.

Terry Cowgill


9:35 PM

Hey, Terry, you'll have to get in line!

Althouse has a large following of middle-aged (and some younger) guys who've long tumbled to the same conclusions. I love her independence and nonsense-free analysis. And that's quite aside from the great vlogs she does.

This was a superb review of Romney's appearance, one of the best she's done. And it was easily the best appearance by Romney so far on the national media. I don't know if it will persuade many undecided voters–it didn't change my mind—but I have to give him credit for "an excellent performance."