Endorsements, Full Stop

Buggy whip manufacturers offered voting options.


Terry Cowgill

4:44 PM

When I saw that piece by Scott Ott, I immediately thought of you. Newspaper endorsements have always had minimal effect. In a very close race, it might help or hurt a candidate, but especially in these times they are irrelevant (although a bit more important on the local level, as in here in NW Conn).

I wonder, however, if you would be saying the same thing if the DMR had endorsed Mitt ...

Terry Cowgill


7:21 PM

The endorsements depend on the publication. The NR endorsement of Mitt was important, because it made him the "establishment" candidate for the Republicans. The DMR endorsement for any Republican is useless, because Iowa Republicans hate that newspaper. It actually works against them. Same for the Globe. (It's no coincidence that McCain got both of those. He is the Republican candidate of the MSM... the reason he will never win the nomination.)

So you think I'm blinded to the point of hypocrisy in my support for Romney, huh? Well, you may be right, although I don't see it. But then I wouldn't, would I?