Clintons' Third Term

For several reasons I've been rooting for Obama to win his party's nomination. First, it would be a good thing for America to elect a black president, or at least nominate one. Second, I think a guy with such limited experience would be easy to beat. Third, he seems to be a well intentioned and honorable person. And finally, he is not Hillary Clinton.

Stephen Kaus (yes, Mickey's brother) offers Puffington Host readers a good argument for voting against Hillary. His thesis is that she is running as the candidate for a third "Clinton Team" term, and against the spirit of the 22nd Amendment. As such, Kaus posits, she is eminently beatable.

It is now apparent that Hillary will have trouble surviving this and being nominated Ironically, if she does, the Republicans, the party that has been in almost total power for the past eight years, will have landed jelly side up. Hillary will seem like the continuation of the same old, same old and the GOP will have a fresh face unfettered by the ghost of administrations past.

Kaus may be right. But the prospect of another Clinton in the White House is so troubling that I would prefer to run against the more difficult candidate to beat.