Ann Curry - Media Genius

Ronald Reagan was not elected at a time of war. - Ann Curry

Granted, the focus of people like Ann Curry of NBC News is to catch politicians with "gotcha" quotes and to discredit conservatives. If they were more focused on, say, interviewing people, they probably wouldn't make such fools of themselves. But since they choose their methods, it's worth pointing out on occasion how truly pathetic these MSM morning shows can be. Evidence this morning's Ann Curry / Mitt Romney interview.

As the boys on the gadget blogs would say, what a dumbass.



7:45 PM

Jake, what do you expect? The Today Show ain't Firing Line. And Ann Curry's no Ayn Rand.

You're not exactly in the morning gabfest, infomercial, product placement demographic. What are you doing paying attention to that shit?