After the Actor's Studio

The other night my MovieLink download site was pushing (75 cent rental) Ocean's Thirteen, the latest in the Clooney-Pitt franchise. Against my better judgment, I rented it.

As one could have predicted, it was not much of a movie. But worse, it was riddled with pandering liberal anecdotes, including one embarrassing scene where Clooney and Pitt weep as Oprah ladles out presents to "underprivileged" children on the giant VIP suite flat screen TV.

As always, the sight of preachy liberalism coming from millionaires who would sell their mothers for the a decent weekend gross was gag inducing, and led me to reach back for this.

One can only hope that flatter entertainment distribution channels (see 75 cent download above) will end the silly "star system" that has given us actors who act like 17th Century courtiers.

Meanwhile it is becoming more and more evident that the "stars" themselves are starting to appreciate that pushing their politics on us is not only bad for them personally, but also bad for the candidates who they support.