This is enough to leave a blogger speechless.


Terry Cowgill

5:21 PM

It's not clear whether the woman was objecting because the men were military or whether she would have objected to anyone getting special treatment at the swim club.

But if there's anyone who deserves special treatment, it's soldiers recuperating from dreadful injuries. She should be sent to Fallujah.


11:53 AM

Kinda splitting hairs, no? What kind of person wouldn't just walk away if inconvenienced by disabled vets struggling to recover from injuries obtained in service to country. Jeez, you have to be some kind of a freak to bitch about that. And the kids being frightened? How about making it a "teaching opportunity" about whatever you want... service to country, sacrifice, or if you prefer, the horrors of war the danger of out of touch politicians. But to take it out on injured soldiers, well as I said, I'm left speechless.