Sorry to See You Go, Friend

It has been a tremendous honour opportunity and privilege to have served you...

John Howard

The free world's most naturally gifted and best leader is heading for retirement. John Howard was an inspiration to many Americans who appreciated clear thinking and straight talk in the face of terrorism and expanding government power. His rhetoric was direct and clear. Many Americans, myself included, wished we had a leader with his skills.

The Australians have elected a Labor leader, Kevin Rudd. He appears to be Australia's version of Tony Blair - New Labor for DownUnder. Old Labor cannot be happy that even within hours of accepting his new post, Rudd is backpedaling on his campaign promise to pull Australian troops from Iraq. So even with Labor victorious, liberals in Australia lose.

I hope John Howard now tours of the US so that we can give him a proper thanks. I would be personally quite honored to shake his hand. If only we had such a man to vote for in this country.