Roll Over Beethoven

According to John Zogby...

People with a “red” entertainment preference think a lot of programming is in bad taste and doesn’t reflect their values. They don’t like a lot of things on TV, but their two favorite channels are Fox and Fox News. They like sports, especially football and auto racing, and they watch news and business programming. They don’t like most contemporary music and they don’t watch VH1 or MTV. They don’t much like late-night TV. They like to go to sporting events, and when they do go to the movies – which is rarely – they seek out action-adventure films. They’re not big book readers, but when they do read, they prefer non-fiction. When they read fiction, they often select mysteries and thrillers. They are more likely to listen to country and gospel than other people, but their favorite music is classical. They don’t play a lot of video games, but when they do, Madden NFL and Mario are their favorites. They think that fictional TV shows and movies are politically biased, and they believe they can predict a person’s politics if they know the person’s entertainment preferences.

Not much to disagree with there. But I particularly like the "their favorite music is classical" part. I always knew I was in good company when I had season tix at the Philadelphia Orchestra!

Hat tip: Hot Air


Terry Cowgill

9:28 PM

Interesting that the "red" crowd would gravitate to Fox, which (both the entertainment and news divisions) misses no opportunity to display T&A at every turn.

Goes great with the country and gospel ...


9:30 PM

That would lead one to surmise that the religious types don't dominate Red America.