Prime Beef

"It's what's for dinner."


Terry Cowgill

7:25 PM

Just read this before I saw your post and thought it most funny. Scott Ott is brilliant.

Hillary is turning off a lot of people, but I'm not sure it will be enough to derail her juggernaut.

Colin McEnroe, a prominent Connecticut lib, is clearly turned off. Will his disdain and that of others be enough? Mitt has executive experience, but you could argue Hill is a little stronger in foreign affairs. I will be watching and blogging.

Terry Cowgill


10:31 PM

Hillary's " best prepared? " That's like the NFL commish saying Tom Brady's stand-in is " best prepared " to take on the Colts the next go round.

Sorry to relate all this to football. As those who watch the cable guys know: It's a horse race.