Political Savant

Hugh Hewitt predicted exactly what would happen if CNN ran a YouTube Republican debate... last July:

If the GOP candidates agree to this format, expect a series of cheap shots about all of the top tier candidates. Patrick worries that the Republicans will appear behind the times if they take a pass. Perhaps, but if that means skipping a no win set-up where MSM agenda journalists work for weeks to put a video shiv into one or more of the Big Three, I am for it. The second tier folks will no doubt show up hoping for a Hail mary moment, but Giuliani, Romney and Thompson ought to say no thanks.


Terry Cowgill

11:16 PM

Agree, but you left out Mike Huck. I think he stands a much better chance of getting the nomination than empty-suit Fred. Huck is a very appealing guy.


11:20 PM

Huckabee doesn't have any money. It's a two man race and has been for almost a year now.