The Most Busted Name in News

What is it going to take for CNN to realize that flacking for a particular party is a dangerous road to go down? From the (planted) "Diamonds or Pearls" question (and others) at the last Democrat debate, to the (planted) Hillary steering committee member asking questions at the Republican debate, we have now gone over the line. CNN has no credibility left.

And there's more. It now appears that almost half of the YouTube questioners were declared supporters of Democrat candidates. Simply Google searches would have revealed the blogs, YouTube accounts, and other internet trails that revealed that these folks were more interested in embarrassing Republican candidates than understanding their positions.

NPR just did a review of the debate. There was no mention of planted questions. As Glenn Reynolds asks, imagine if Fox hosted a Democrat YouTube debate and it was revealed that half the questioners were supporters of Republican candidates. Is there any possibility that NPR wouldn't be castigating Fox from here until Sunday for being biased? Hell, the Democrats won't even let Fox host their debates, and the press lets them get away with that.

OK, as I've said a thousand times, bias in the media only helps Republicans. As counterintuitive as that may seem, it promotes weak Democrats and steels Republicans for hard political fights. But at the end of the day, it really is irritating that this little coterie of elite journalists have so much power to distort the political process.

It just makes me feel ill.