More Good News for Mitt in NH

UNH Poll

Romney: 32
Giuliani: 20
McCain: 17
Paul: 7
Huckabee: 5
Thompson: 3
Undecided: 13

The internals are apparently pretty good on this poll. Mitt is stronger with the older, more reliable voters. And his negatives are low. The only weakness I can see is that he still lags behind Rudy on electablility. But I'm confident that those numbers are laggers and will rise in the next several weeks.

As I predicted, Fred Thompson is a non-issue in this campaign. Expect him to be out of the race by the first of February. Not only are his positives the lowest, but his negatives are the highest. His candidacy was never meant to be, having been based on the misconception that the South is a different political animal and needs its own candidate. As noted below, things have changed in Dixie.

Mitt is totally on track. Expect more good news in the upcoming weeks, as party insiders start seeing the writing on the wall and positioning themselves on Mitt's coattails. And then expect rabid attacks from the MSM. Those folks will go ugly, early. Guaranteed.

Update: Fred Thompson is running ads on FNC. The production is good and he comes across well. But really... what a waste of money.



9:26 PM

Huckabee doesn't have a chance at all to win the presidency. If you want to check out a real candidate with real values, check out Hillary Clinton. You won't be disappointed.


9:36 PM

Thanks for you comment, surprising as it is after we had such a fun time with you on Terry's blog.

Couple of things to note:

1) If you read the post with any care at all, you see that I support Romney for president. So, yes, I agree that Huckabee hasn't a chance.

2) You will also note from this blog that I don't give a hoot about "values". For instance, it is of no concern to me that Hillary would be our first gay president. I only really care about things like tax policy and corruption, both of which would keep me from voting for your candidate.

3) You might want to consider renaming your blog. I don't believe online voting is legal in any of the fifty states.

Good luck with your web site. Isn't the internet fun?