Just for the Record

I'm just going to say it...

I really don' t think Hillary is electable.

Here's the reasoning. Think of the Wisdom of Crowds. Think of the fact that more "communal intelligence" goes into electing the President of the United States than the hiring of any other job in the world.

Now think of Hillary's resume. We all know the only reason she is in contention is because she's (kinda) married to a former president. Not exactly the stuff of a great curriculum vitae.

Next. She's a one and half term US Senator. Remember, only two senators have been elected this century.

Next. She has very high negatives. More than half the country say that they would never vote for her. The press continues to try to bury this fact, but if she were anyone else, they would be telling us everyday that she is unelectable.

Next. One question. Will Bill live in the White House? I'm thinking of making the bumper sticker. I don't care how much the lefty base likes the guy... there's a reason Al Gore shunned Bill during the 2000 cycle. Plus, the image of Bill Clinton wandering around the White House after dark gives a lot of people the creeps.

Next. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. What are we, some third world country? Nuff sed.

Next. Obama. Hell, I'm a Republican and I like the way he speaks. Don't agree with any of the words, but I would have no problem seeing him on the evening news every night for four years. Plus, a black president would be good for the country. A post-baby boomer would be good for the country. A nice guy would be good for the country. And he has money.

Finally, Hillary plays dirty. Everyone knows it. We have seen all the slime tactics before. The politics of ugly are really getting old. Plenty of people are just sick of this stuff.

So, for the record, I am predicting the Hillary will not be nominated. We will dodge a bullet and get Rudy or Mitt or Obama. Anyone of them would be OK with me. There's enough communal intelligence at play here to keep us from having a President Hillary. And then the first American woman to be president will be someone who deserves it.