Jules Offers a Jewel of a Post


As Glen Beck said this morning (the first time I have ever listened to his show... promise), just go ahead and gloat. It is so delicious that Lions for Lambs tanked at the box office, as have all the other anti-war flicks coming out of Tinseltown.

Now... wouldn't it be nice if someone came out of the woodwork to make a realistic, thoughtful, intelligent movie about Iraq? A compassionate story about an Army nurse, or a script involving a town that sends its best and brightest to fight for a free Iraq? Gee, what a concept.

I guess at the end of the day it comes down to this. The studios really are such a small part of the overall value of media conglomerates that they are left to their own creative devices. And because "creative types" so easily accumulate much power in that particular business, you end up with trash like LFL being made.

At the end of the day, LFL, anti-war films, and Hollywood don't matter in any real sense. But hey, it's fun to gloat, particularly when you don't have to feel guilty about it.



12:46 PM

I haven't seen Lion For Lambs. So I don't have strong opinions on it. It may be trash, and it may not be. I'll wait for the DVD to come out, then categorize it.

Politics aside, Redford's a filmmaker who's starred and directed some good ones. And he's the guy who got the Sundancew Festival going. Lots of good stuff associated with that. Streep? Terrific actress. Cruise? Without a script in his hands he appears to be crazy. But he's been in some fine films.

I'll keep an open mind til I see this one.


12:50 PM

You are a better man than I.


7:14 PM

Don't be so sure