If Mitt Was a Stock...

... he'd be a buy.


Terry Cowgill

1:20 PM

For the nomination or the general? How do you think he would match up against Hillary? This time it would be the GOP nominating a flip-flopper from Massachusetts. I don't give Mitt much of a chance against Hill.


2:11 PM

That particular graph is for the nomination. As I just said to a friend, I think our general could look a lot like the recent French election. Popular woman, energetic guy from the party in power who is seen as distinctly different from the present leader. I like Romney's chances against Hillary. The sludge covered retread of the 90's vs a fresh face who has very little to be tarred by. Also, think about the flip flopper tag. It's fun to pretend that he is something like Kerry, but there is a fundamental difference. Kerry was flip flopping on issues that were easily hacked by the opposite party. Are we thinking that the Dems are going to use his change from "choice" to "life" against him. It doesn't make any sense. The only people who can use that are "life" Republicans. And if he gets the nomination, of course they won't do that. Did Republicans use that against Bush I and Reagan? Of course not. So the flip flopper thing is mostly in the imagination of the left leaning media. A non issue from the Repub side of things. As for his chances against Hill, I'm feeling very good about that. The MSM has lost so much power that they are going to have a really tough time keeping the hard questions away from her. She may be able to bring out a lot of new voters (single girls who don't know anything about anything), but trying to appeal to them will chase away as many others... let alone men. Elections are about the future. And she is all about the past. I like Romney's chances against her. Unlike the CW, I think he has a better chance than Rudy, who will be torn apart over his wives, New York and stuff like Bernie Kerik. Frankly, I've never felt smarter about supporting Romney early.