Icing on the Cake

OK, so it is now well publicized that I am pretty "torqued" by the whole CNN debate debacle the other night. So I will promise that this is the last post on it. But the grand finale is always the best, so here goes.

Apparently, after the debate CNN interviewed a focus group of "Republican primary voters". After several people were asked questions, the interviewer asked one of the participants for whom she would vote. The woman said, "John Edwards".

The embarrassed CNN host tried to cut her off, but of course there isn't much answer there to cut. He stuttered a bit, but then quickly moved on to the question.

Some of the left have made the point that there is no ethical requirement for a debate host to ensure that questioners be actually what they claim to be, or in this case, undecided Republican voters. So let me ask this question. Is it unethical to seed a "Republican Focus Group" with Democrat voters?

As Terry would say... "Just asking."