Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

The American Thinker discusses sterotypes and political correctness, and notes that the principles of modern "diversity" culture actually depends on stereotyping groups:

So, ironically, despite the fact that the diversity dogmatists would eschew stereotyping, a version of it imbues their ideology. So it's not that they don't have biases relating to generalizations, only that their understanding of group differences is clumsy and primitive, sort of like Archie Bunker but with advanced degrees, the illusion of intellectualism and the inability to be honest with themselves and others. So let's be honest now.

Stereotypes often arise because they have a basis in reality. For example, often it has been remarked that Irishmen liked to drink. Once again, intelligent people know this doesn't mean that every Irishman is a drunkard, but informed people might know something else: Ireland ranks number two in the world in per capita alcohol consumption next to Luxemburg.

I've noticed recently a trend that implies to me that people are less willing to adhere to PC notions about stereotyping. Maybe we are all just getting tired of having to carefully avoid offense at every turn. One can only hope.

Generalizations about "Europeans" and "Americans" have traditionally been more acceptable. My favorite:

"The French think Americans are adults who act like children. Americans think the French are children who act like adults."

Nothing could be more truthful than that.