And He Doesn't Even Mention "Global Warming"

Will the secular left soon attack the religious right for being pro-science?



1:10 PM

Secular? As in Godless? I'm not so sure those of us who lean to the left of center are the Godless heathens we're sometimes made out to be. Then again, I'm not too sure of anything. I just keep stupidly asking questions, like some kind of Mike Douglasian TV talk show host trying desparately to fill up my hour on the stage.


2:53 PM

Secular only really means in the absence of religion. So I wouldn't worry to much. Anyway, no one is Godless, if there is someone out there who believes in God.

My only point in linking to that post was this. I thought Bush took a pretty reasoned approach to the who stem cell debate. Despite how it was portrayed in the press, it was a pretty good effort to balance all the conficting interests, and come up with a good compromise. And it had exactly the result it was intended to have... ie, science found a way to improve on the method for generating healing cells.