Amen to That

But I don't think Mrs. Clinton is the exemplar of a generation, she is the exemplar of a quadrant within a generation, and it is the quadrant the rest of us of that generation do not like. They came from comfort and stability, visited poverty as part of a college program, fashionably disliked their country, and cultivated a bitterness that was wholly unearned. They went on to become investment bankers and politicians and enjoy wealth, power or both.

Read the whole thing. Peggy N. thinks Hillary is a sad joke. I tend to agree. And I'm willing to put money on the fact that she won't be nominated. Any takers?


Terry Cowgill

8:15 AM

Agree also. My distaste for Hill is well known among my readers. But who will get the Dems' nod, if not her? I don't see Obama getting it yet.

If Edwards wins in Iowa and SC, he could be hard to stop. The last time a Dem won the presidency without a southern accent was 1960 and that was by the slimmest of margins.