Compassion in America

Southerners are also the most generous people in America. The top 10 states in terms of generosity per capita are all Southern states. New Hampshire, Massachusetts (Kennedy -land), New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are at the bottom of the barrel. A few years ago, author Jane Smiley characterized Red America as selfish and lacking in compassion-as "unteachably ignorant." Perhaps that is the pot calling the kettle black?

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12:27 PM

Greetings from Myrtle Beach, Jake. We're heading north tomorrow after a three week Red State stay. Mixed feelings about The Palmetto State. We loved Charleston. Was delighted with Murrell's Inlet ( And thought we spotted the ghost of Spillane walking in the mist one morning ) Hilton Head? I have a good friend who lives on one of the plantations, along side the Trent Jones course. Dick's a 6 handicapper and his wife just won the club championship. They were very hospitable, so I'm reluctant to say negative things about HHI. But those gated plantations! Exclusive. Excluding. We saw more guard gates there than we did as we drove past Sing Sing on our way down here. All that wealth, next to all that poverty ( Yes, there are dirt poor Dog Patch-like areas on HHI ) Rubbed us the wrong way. And Myrtle Beach! I was stationed at the old MBAFB back in the 60s, when this place had a certain honky tonk charm. The developers were allowed to run wild. A real estate gold rush mentality took hold and the rest is an ugly, ugly history. They ruined the beach. Built high rise monsters right on the dunes. Myrtle Beach? There is no beach at high tide between the airport and the spot where the old Pavilion once stood.

On a scale of 1-10, we'd give SC a 5. But Charleston would get a 10. Lovely old city, Jake. And that new bridge is something to write home about.


12:49 PM

Certainly there are some drawbacks to uncontrolled growth. I've never been much of an HHI fan, even when I lived there for a summer as a teenager. And I've never even been to Myrtle Beach, suspecting that your impressions would be mine. However... read the whole article from where that quote was pulled. The south is new America, and new America has more in common with emerging first world countries (Brazil) than it does with aging democracies (Europe). This is the land of the exurbs which, though lacking in charm, are bringing the people out of rural poverty, just as the Levittowns of the 1950's brought others out of urban poverty. Ticky tak boxes on Myrtle Beach are not so different from those of Massapequa. And the sons and daughters of the exurbs will be the Greenspans, Baldwins, and O'Reilly's of the next generation.

All that said, Charleston is the only place in the south that I would live!