A Star Is Born

Sorry for the lack of blogging folks, but I've been heavily involved in a new job (amazing how work can get in the way of life). Anyway, I saw this last night and couldn't resist posting it. Plus, Puccini... not a dry eye in the house.

Update: Just watched this again and it reminded me of something. Obviously, the Welsh are known for being great opera singers. But I once saw La Boheme (which this aria is from) at Royal Albert Hall in London and the lead was Wales' best known tenor. When he sang this piece we all waited to see if he would hit the note that is heard in this clip. He didn't quite pull it off... not as well as this guy did, anyway. It makes this performance all the more impressive, at least for me. My only regret is that they decided to cut this piece off where they did, as the next stanza really makes the aria. But that's quibbling, I suppose.



5:54 PM

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