The Knives Are Being Sharpened

The Wall Street Journal thinks that Mark Malloch Brown, Kofi Annan's number two, and house guest of George Soros, has been behind the the take down of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. This may be the case. I have no idea. But I do know this. If Malloch Brown is proposed for the role of President of the World Bank, the whole right side of the American political spectrum will go into total melt down.

It is not too much to say that Republicans hate Mark Malloch Brown. He was the face of the defense of the Oil for Food Program at the UN. He projects a nice demeanor in the media, but he gives conservatives the distinct feeling that off camera he is smirking about how he once more duped the rubes in fly over country.

And it seems likely that his close association with George Soros will sink his candidacy. With Fox News running segments every night on George Soros as Dr. Evil (O'Reilly actually said that, no lie), conservatives are being fed a diet of Soros/ Pelosi cabal scaremongering that has made Soros toxic. I can't imagine any center-right American politician supporting Malloch Brown for the job.

And thank God for that. The World Bank is corrupt enough without hiring a first rate kleptocrat to run the show.