Great Sports Trivia Question

Here's a great sports trivia question.

One year the MVPs of the American League, National League and National Football League all had the same number. What was the number, what year was it, who were they?

Obviously you can find this on the internet, but if you are good, you can figure it out on your own.

Hint: The number was worn by someone who, despite being one of the best players at his position ever, is now better known for something that happened after his career ended.

Update: See comments for answer.



3:06 PM

I give up...


4:50 PM

Try harder.


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8:45 PM

Tony Dorsett, Larry Bird, Mark Messier. Wait a minute, those are not even the right sports. I guess I give up. [never paid mush attention to jersey numbers]


9:37 PM

Honest Jake, I didn't Google this. Here's my guess: No. 32. OJ Simpson...

That's as far as I get


10:45 PM

OK, times up. Prize goes to Terry 2 for at least getting the jersey number right (32).

Answer is:

Year = 1963

NFL = Jim Brown

NL = Sandy Koufax

And the best of all...

AL = Ellston Howard

Does anyone remember where Ellston Howard played his last World Series? Yes, that would be on the Impossible Dream team ('67 Red Sox).

Howard ranks as the best black player in the American League in the 1960s. As a catcher, he was my hero when I was a kid, despite the fact that he played most of his career with the Yankmees.