Who "We", White Man

David Frum addresses an editorial in the Guardian by the author of the Lancet Study. All other things aside (like the fact that the the study has been roundly discredited), Frum focuses on the notion that the west is responsible for all deaths in Iraq, as the author implies.

This is something that the political left puts out constantly. By the mere fact that the Coalition Forces are in Iraq, the dead are said to be their responsibility. No matter how badly you think the war effort has been, it is pretty clear that it is not the Coalition Forces who are killing the innocents.

Will it also be the Coalition's fault if we leave and the killing goes on?

If that happens, you can be pretty sure that the lefties will say that we stirred up this mess and it is again our fault. Or, as after Vietnam, they will just ignore the resulting horrors and focus on the latest Capital Hill dust up.