This is Funny

Andrea Mitchell as quoted in Newsbusters:

“-reporters asked questions. His campaign had to admit he's only been on hunting trips twice. Even worse, Romney was lampooned in Doonesbury all week as a flip-flopper...”

What's Doonesbury?

I'm only half kidding. I haven't seen a Doonesbury cartoon in ten years. Is it still published in newspapers? Even if it is, I haven't bought one of those if five years, so I guess I wouldn't know. (And I'm not kidding about that.)

If I haven't seen Doonsebury in ten years, it's fair to say that most Republicans under the age of forty don't even know what Doonesbury is.

Andrea, get a clue. Republicans read Day By Day. It's on the internet. It is conservative. It is funny.

Republicans don't watch MSM TV News. We don't read MSM newspapers. And we certainly don't ready snarky comics written by limousine liberals. How could it possibly make a difference what the hell Gary Trudeau thinks? The only people who know that he exists are in your little media bubble.

Now that's funny.



7:24 PM

Thanks, Jake!


8:48 PM

Thanks to you, Chris. And put in a good word for me with Sam (even though I know there's no hope.)


11:01 PM

No hope for me,either. But can't mess with the married ones.