Romney Takes Lead in NH

According the latest Zogby International poll, Mitt Romney now shares the lead with John McCain in the New Hampshire primary polls. I'd be remiss in not mentioning that I don't trust Zogby much. Of all the major pollsters, he is the least accurate. His results normally show a left leaning bias. But it is notable that Romney has gotten a bounce from his first quarter fund raising success. And Zogby isn't always completely wrong. He just tends to favor Democrats.



10:10 AM

One of the things I like about your blog is that the blips that appear on too many bloggers' radar screens are the same old same old blips. You don't read newspapers, and my guess is that this recent Imus controversy isn't worth a hill of beans in the world you're tuned into. You offer a different perspective, see things from a different angle down there. Sorry this is off topic, but that's what I thought as I read your latest.


9:55 PM

Correct. I must be evolving into a Jake dittohead (well, not really but it sounded nice). Jake had been blogging long before I did and I learned a lot from him. Thanks, old buddy.


10:59 PM

Thanks guys. I guess I should have read these comments before writing my latest post, when I remarked briefly on Imus. Any, I appreciate the support.

I'm a bit worried about keeping up on this blog, as business is really starting to get busy. I expect that posts may get less frequent. Travel time is going to go up soon, but I'll do my best to stay on top of the feed reader and the blog.