Reality Check for Michael Ware

Here's Laura Ingraham's take on the Michael Ware. He was on Bill Mahr's show having a bunch of fun with how screwed up Iraq is.

I won't go into Ware's heckling of John McCain. Or any of the tens of other remarks he's made on CNN that can only be construed as rooting for people who blow up children in cars. Or his cavorting with the terrorists. But I would ask one question.

And that would be, Michael, can we depend on you to stay in Iraq if the Americans leave and the place goes up in flames? Will you, a hero in your own eyes, stick around as the Green Zone turns red?

No, I bet you will act as the press did after the Vietnam War. Then the media was calling the war a "total disaster" (though in hindsight we know it was on the verge of success), urging pullout, and pushing a "peace agenda". But somehow they failed to report much about the 2-3 million deaths that followed our departure. That generation still fails to make the connection.

The "slow motion train wreck" isn't just happening in Iraq. It's happening in the international media. Disgusting.