Opening Day at Fenway

Fenway is packed and the season is open. Josh Beckett on the mound and everyone is wrapped in winter gear (where's Global Warming when you need it?). Good luck to the Sox. Let's hope we do better this year than last.

Globalization Update: Dunkin Donuts has advertising in Japanese behind Home Plate. And they say Globalization = Americanization. Right.

Japan is now part of Red Sox Nation. Got to love it.

Update: Red Sox blow out... 14-3. Beckett looked great, as did the middle relief. The Mariners pitching was horrible.

By the way, this is the thirtieth anniversary of my watching opening day from the top of the billboard across the street from Fenway Park. Ules and I climbed up there with a case of beer and watched the whole game. How we got down, I do not remember. TC, weren't you there, too? That was round the time we were making headlines in Amherst.



8:45 PM

Re Sox. A good start and I do have some hope. Emily Dickinson wrote that " Hope is the thing with feathers. " Maybe I should be rooting for the Orioles. Or Blue Jays. Emily lived in Amherst, where I was Saturday night. And hung out in the 70s with my buddy Steve Tobey. We played pool and drank draught beer at The Drake. We had our adventures in western Mass., but didn't make headlines. I'm wondering what the rest of that story is.


9:50 PM

You'll have to ask TC. He has more of a reputation to maintain than I do. Suffice it to say that the story was picked up by the AP and appeared in newspapers across the country.


11:01 PM

Yes, I seem to recall, as that famous Broadway musical was called, "Bells [Were] Ringing."

A trio of sunburnt miscreants fumbled their way into the chapel at UMass and started ringing the bells. My recollection is the Northampton Gazette reported "the 1 a.m. chimes rang longer and more out-of-tune than usual."

The suspects spent the night in the Amherst drunk tank in separate cells.

Some generous benefactor bailed them out and the case was later thrown out by a Hampshire County judge who said, "I always get bored when the summers comes around. The students bring in all these interesting cases."

P.S. I don't recall sitting on that billboard across Landsdowne Street, but you and I did steal away from SM one Sunday afternoon, taking the bus from White's Corner and baking in the bleachers. We watched a guy pull a case of beer up from the street with a rope. Nowadays that would land you in Gitmo.


11:58 PM

That's probably where Ules and I got the idea to do the same (and why my fading memory associates you with that event).

There used to be a board behind the top edge of that billboard where you could sit and watch the games. The view was pretty good... you could see everything but deep center. At the time, I thought it was particularly skillful of me to be able to climb not only the standpipe up the side of the building and the billboard itself with a case of beer in hand. As you can imagine, Ules was completely up for that sort of thing. As I said, I don't remember how we got down, but have the vague memory of ending up in that dive bar on Huntington Ave we used to go to.

You forgot the best part about what the judge said. After concluding that it wasn't Breaking and Entering (because the doors had been wide open), he ruled that it wasn't Disturbing the Peace because, having also attended the outdoor concert, he could fairly say that "one man's noise is another man's music."

That was the line that got picked up by the AP and the reason our little case was blasted across the news pages of the country.

By the way, your father was very kind to me during that whole affair and I will always appreciate his particularly non-judgmental assistance. Given my reputation with his colleagues at the time, I thought it was particularly nice of him to help.