New Web Resources

Here are some new useful resources for everyone to use.

GOOG-411 is a new, free directory assistance service from Google. Just dial 800-GOOG-411. It is fully automated and works well, or was well as any automated service can. No ads yet, but I bet they will appear at some point.

Next there is 1.800.Cab.Ride. They're trying to be the 1-800-Flowers for taxis. The service seems to work OK, although I didn't actually order a cab. I just checked out the menu.

I stuck both of these in my Skype contacts and my cell phone for future reference. Given that Verizon charges something totally ludicrous for information, I expect to use the Google service regularly.

And just for the fun of it, I'll add some sites that have recently made it into my account. I have around 2000 sites and articles tagged and saved there. As time has moved on, I've become much more discriminating about saving sites there. So the more recent sites are better.

(I should also add that if you use Firefox, the extension just got a big upgrade and makes much more useful. In fact, that extension is now so good that the concept of bookmarks is pretty much obsolete.)

Anyway, have a look at these: ProQuest, Statsaholic, Scrapblog, ProductWiki, Politico, GrandCentral, and Farecast.

Of all I've run across in the last little while, these are some of the best.



3:48 AM

I also talk about it briefly on my personal site,

It reminds me of the old AT&T wireless voice activated system called #121 or 211. It's been ages but most people remember it.

Also, can I get a link back? thanx

dan zar

4:17 PM

Check also a site called Trabber. Quite nice UI and very useful to find the best air fares. Here is the address -