Mitt Wins First Quarter Republican Money Race

As I predicted (not on this blog, unfortunately), Mitt Romney led the Republican field in the all important first quarter money stakes. The goal had been $20 Million, which he surpassed by three million ( $2.5 of which was contributed by the candidate himself). So like a well oiled business machine, the campaign is right on target.

Hillary pulled in the most green with $26 Million, as was to be expected. Obama tapped Hollywood for some good sized donations and came in with numbers similar to Mitt Romney. Edwards and Giuliani did well in the mid-teens. All the others are running for vice-president.

John McCain hasn't reported. His numbers are of the most interest. Republican insiders are looking to confirm that McCain isn't a serious player. If he comes in south of $10 Million, he won't be considered in the game. My guess is that his numbers will be between $10 and 12 Million, enough to stay in the game, but weak. If he hasn't banked over $40 Million by the end of the next quarter, he may as well pack it in before the weather gets hot.

Mitt Romney is running the best campaign with perhaps the exception of Hillary. And given that the national press might as well have office in her campaign headquarters, you can make the case that Mitt is doing better.


And now for the Romney spin...

So the Big News, said this person, is: "Romney surprises by topping the Republican side and coming close to Hillary despite having low name i.d., low poll numbers and not having done this before."

Or, put more concisely: "Rookie Overcomes Veterans." Or better: "Where would we be at 15percent?"

Update II:

McCain comes in with $12.5 Million. Like I said, enough to stay in but a distant third.