Light Blogging

Hey, folks. Sorry for the light blogging. Business and all that.

For the Sox fans... it looks like Curt Schilling got on track last night. His speed was up to par and his control was good but for an inning or two. But the news of the night was Papelbon. Nice, nice close. Classic, in fact. His heat was in the mid-nineties and control was excellent. Just what the doctor ordered.

On the political news front, it was a pretty tired weekend. Imus is apparently taking a couple of weeks off after calling some college girls "ho's". I've never understood the attraction of Imus. He just appears to be a snide, self-centered jerk to me. But apparently lots of people like his shtick. Mostly the same people who think ABC/CBS/NBC are places to get the news. You know the type. People who think Al Sharpton speaks for the "Black Community". Blaaahhh.

Anyway, hope all you guys in New England are enjoying Global Warming. The weather down here is wonderful. The golf course is crowded and the beaches are filling up. Two more months of glorious weather until the it's time to head north to get out of the heat.

Oh, and for the spy story readers, I'm deep in Numbered Account by Christopher Reich. Good stuff. Lots of cloak and dagger. The hero is a former Marine officer working in Zurich and nailing all the Swiss babes. Close enough to home to be appealing.



7:05 AM

Interestingly, the phrase "Nappy-headed hoes" came from the black community.

No one should EVER have to apologize to Al Sharpton for ANYTHING.

I like Imus not because of his exploits but because his resident comics (Bartlett and Kenney) can be funny and he gets some of these high-profile people to let their hair down a bit.

For red-staters, he often has country music talent on the show, mostly recently the fabulously talented Martina McBride, on whom I developed quite a crush.

Ironically, if he changes the tone of the show, as he has promised to do, his audience will diminish. They like the edginess.


9:23 AM

Christopher Reich is someone I left off that list of authors I thought you'd like. Glaring omission. Once you finish Numbered Account, there are several others of his out in paperback. Schilling did look good, and Papelbon! That look he gives batters before he serves up the pitch. I wouldn't be surprised if some batter in near future will just take a look at that look, throw down his bat and say, No way, Man. I ain't standing still sixty feet six inches away from THAT rocket launcher! And Imus. Aye yi yi. My biggest problem is MSNBC suspending him. The network that feeds us Anna Nicole and Scott Peterson and the latest missing woman, and all those Lock DOC stories, etc. Who are they to say what's right and what's wrong for us to watch? And why not let the market decide what should be done with the show?