Congratulations to Barack

Barack Obama announced today that he raised $25 Million in campaign contributions in 1Q/07. That is a fantastic amount and equals what the Clinton machine pulled in. More impressive was that Obama raised his money in small contributions from approximately 100,000 people. That is almost twice the number of Clinton contributors, and forty percent more than Romney. Very impressive.

Although I don't agree with Obama's politics or think he is ready to run an organization the size of the Federal Government, I am impressed with him as an individual and believe he is a welcome contribution to the race. He is young and charismatic and has the potential to heal some of the divisions that haunt the American polity. Plus he has a great speaking voice. Even to this old Republican, he cuts an impressive figure.

But the best thing about Obama is that he would be easier to beat than Hillary. The Clintons (and let's be honest, we're talking about Bill's semi-reelection here) are a formidable force. They are political pros, even if their motives are questionable (power for the sake of power). More importantly, Hillary has the potential to pull in a whole new group of voters... single women between the ages of 18 and 27. Add a couple of million new voters if Hillary is nominated.

Not only would Hillary be difficult to beat, but as a sitting president, she would need to be responsive to a particularly unsophisticated political demographic (please don't send e-mails... I'm not interested). Given all that, I'd root for Obama all day long.