Can America trust the BBC?

Isn't already here? And by the way, all those dumb reality shows are actually produced by the BBC. So it's not just Upstairs, Downstairs and their pathetically biased news reporting. It's also half the trash TV we have to suffer. Frankly, I think their should be some inquiry into foreign government subsidized and funded media in the US. Should our media have to compete against the English tax payer?



2:47 PM

sorry jake but ...get over it. There is as much hopeless generalised anglophobia on US blogs now to compete adequately with the BBC. Anyone would think the Americans think the BBC is representative of the people b/c it is state tv. For christs sake. There is enough cable here to compete. Geddit?! You guys need to move on.


3:22 PM

Hey Ano...

Frankly I couldn't care if your government news outlet tears down your own country piece by piece. What bothers me is that you have tax payer subsidized media spreading across the globe and competing with free market outlets, while delivering a message of anti-western crap. Companies here don't have access to tax payer revenues and must compete on merit alone. The BBC is subsidized and thus isn't forced by the market to adhere to minimal standards of truth and quality.

How would you like it if a US government subsidized cable channel broadcast Republican talking points in the UK? You guys would tear down central London before you let that happen. So, how 'bout considering our how we feel about the BBC broadcasting in our country.

Additionally, all those crap reality shows we have on our networks are produced by BBC owned companies. Maybe if the BBC wasn't subsidized by the British people they couldn't afford to deliver such lousy shows here.