You're Either In or Out

European governments are now so wedded to the anti-American wings of various political parties that they are putting NATO at risk. There have been several cases in Germany, Belgium and Italy where prosecutors have ignored Status of Forces Agreements and indicted US military and government officials on various trumped up charges.

In one case a Belgian prosecutor indicted Donald Rumsfeld on war crimes charges. Rumsfeld himself threatened to move SHAPE (our European military headquarters) out of Belgium if the charges weren't dropped. Only after the very pointed threat did the Belgian government moved to quash the indictment (think of all those lost jobs!). But it's a dangerous game to play.

From the Wall Street Journal:

European politicians are more at fault here than any prosecutor. Since the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., many European leaders have been playing a double game, working with the U.S. to root out terrorist plots on the sly -- and saving countless lives -- while publicly condemning "American methods" in rhetoric that has fed rising anti-Americanism. It doesn't help that many Europeans embrace the preposterous legal notion of "universal jurisdiction," the idea that an ambitious prosecutor can indict and try anyone for an alleged crime committed anywhere in the world.

Read the whole thing. It demonstrates a level of cynicism that is pretty amazing.

European governments need to decide that they don't want to honor their Status of Forces Agreements and end NATO as we know it, or stop these silly games. Either one is fine with me.