You Reap What You Sow

Parts of the German media may finally be concerned about the anti-Americanism they have been pushing for decades. This article appeared yesterday in the normally America hating Spiegel Online.

For most of the post WWII period, the German media have depicted Americans as everything from spoiled children, to fascists, to the obese slobs bent on destroying the planet (if you think I exaggerate, spend a little time on the site linked below).

Not surprisingly, most Germans are now convinced. In particular, 48% of all Germans believe that the US is more dangerous to Germany than is Iran.

But the German media may now be getting a little nervous. With Iran building medium range missiles, Russia flexing its muscles, and the US weakened on the international stage, there seems to be the beginning of a movement in Germany to tone down the rhetoric. After all, it is Germany that is within range of those missiles and it's their country that would is at risk from an emboldened Russia.

As I have noted many times, David's Medienkritic documents the anti-American sludge that passes for commentary in Germany. The guys at DM are overjoyed to finally see some in the German media confronting the problem. But they aren't shy pointing to the media itself for stoking these fires.

On this side of the Atlantic, few Americans are aware how much Germans hate them. Nor, if Americans did know, would they likely care. After all, the French are much more satisfying to joke about.

Today, if Germany asked for a significant strategic support from the US, it would get it. But with the internet, blogs and the globalization of the media, maybe some in Germany are starting to realize that there anti-American stance is a poor political calculation.



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The article - " Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs" is a wake up call for not only Germans but all Europeans. Following is the disaster that awaits the world if Iran obtains a nucleur weapon.


We need to deal with Iran now otherwise the US could be left at one minute to midnight with no other option but to attack Iran. The longer the US waits to impose a meaningful sanction regime against Iran, the greater the necessity of military action will become – with all the potential disastrous political and economic consequences for both parties.

The Iranian Sanction Agreement just negotiated by the Security Council is an absolute joke. The US is allowing these countries to delay and obstruct sanctions against Iran.


(Go to

Lest we all forget one of the main reasons for the Iraq war was that China, Germany, Russia and France had been bought off by Saddem through the UN Oil for Food program. It is hard to believe that these countries by their present actions are again moving us in the direction of war with Iran. By their greed, they are totally blind to the very real danger Iran poses to the entire Middle East. There is an impending political and military catastrophe facing America, Europe, China and the World in the Middle East. This catastrophe will lead to a disastrous disruption of oil supplies that will force oil prices to $10.00/$20.00/gallon and throw the world economy into a massive recession affecting all world economies espically the developing economies of China and India. This could cause political instability on a world wide scale. The reality of the situation is that you can talk with the Iranian leadership until you are blue in the face - AND NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED. Iran is marching forward to obtaining a nuclear weapon and will not be stopped with endless talk. TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE.

The West faces the greatest strategic defeat in its history.

As described in this article - if the US is forced out of Iraq the following disaster will ensue.

The Iraqi government immediately collapses.

All Iraqis who supported the Government and US flee the country by the hundreds of thousands.

Iran immediately steps into the power vacuum supporting the seizure of Baghdad by their radical Shiite militia allies.

A radical Shiite Islamic government is imposed on Iraq.

A podium against the Sunnis begins with millions killed. The survivors are driven out of the country.

One million Hezbollah style fighters are enlisted into the radical Shiite Militias. (If Hezbollah can muster an army of fifty thousand fighters from a Lebanese population of 1.5 million Shiites – then in Iraq a Hezbollah style government would create an army of one million Shiite fanatics.)

This force in alliance with the Iranian army captures Riyadh within weeks and seizes the Gulf States.

They then march into Jordon creating a Shitte Crescent stretching from Iran to the Suez Canal and from the Mediterean Sea to the Russian Cossacks.

As previously mentioned - with 80% of the world’s oil, under Iran's control the price will soar to $10.00/$20.00 per gallon.

Israel is attacked with rockets on all sides effectively shutting down the Israeli economy and destroying the Jewish state.

After obtaining nuclear weapons, Iran unleashes terrorist forces worldwide attacking Europe and the US.

These terrorists smuggle nuclear weapons into London, Paris, Washington, New York and kill millions.

This nightmare does not have to happen.

Its time for Europe to wake up and realize that it is not US cities that will be within range of Iranian ballastic missles but Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid etc.

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Larry Houle