When Will They Learn?

Over the weekend the New York Times apparently published another false story about the military. In this one, like the several to come before, it prominently featured a woman falsely claiming to have serviced in Iraq.

Oh, when will they learn? Is it so hard to understand that they don't have the adequate skills to avoid these terrible traps? Can't they appreciate that their lack of understanding about the military should make them extra, extra careful when scribbling anti-military tirades?

Since apparently they "don't know what they don't know", here is a suggestion:

Consider the US military like a big Harvard. Rather than just writing the first nasty thing that comes to mind, replace "military" with "Harvard". For example, if a gal claims to have suffered great hardship in Iraq in 2004, think... "OK, if she were telling me that she was in the Hasty Puddying Club in 1994, how many people might know that she actually went to Ball State" (and then multiply that number by 1000).

Get it? It's not that hard. With a little practice, it will come to you.

I'm a sympathetic guy. I know that for the journalists at the New York Times people who volunteer for military service are like some bizarre Amazonian tribe. But perhaps with a little strategy, this kind of thing can be avoided.

Good luck!



10:55 PM

"I'm a sympathetic guy."




11:10 PM

Certainly. I'll do anything to help a Harvard trained journalist realize how pathetic he is.


7:06 PM

I stand corrected, sir!