What the Chinese Military Does

Today Drudge booms the headline CHINA MILITARY SPENDING BOOM, and links to this AP story.

OK, so Chinese military spending is up 17.8% year over year. But let's not forget that that makes it about one tenth the size of US military spending, before Iraq and Afghanistan are accounted for.

The key to understanding the Chinese military is this. It is designed and deployed to ensure that Taiwan and the US know they cannot save the island nation if Taiwan decides to declare complete autonomy from the mainland. That's it.

On the other hand, the US military is designed and deployed to be a global cop. It will be many years before the Chinese military approaches the sophistication of the American military force, and doubtful if it is worth the effort.

Drudge ought to know better than to trumpet this kind of thing. We need China and they need us. We are their future and they are ours. It's best to keep that in perspective.