Too Good for an Honorary Degree

America's best governor has been denied an honorary degree by the faculty of the University of Florida. One reason given: Jeb Bush apparently was instrumental in approving three new medical schools in Florida, and thus "diluting resources". You can't make this stuff up.

My bet is that Jeb couldn't give a hoot. But one wonders how low academia will go before the "sixties" generation passes on to their great peace rally in the sky. And what damage to American education will have been suffered.



4:03 PM

Jake you are so correct about this one...he's my(was)governor and he was outstanding. But he is a Bush therefore too toxic for these followers of the party line today. God I wish he could run for president (though I like Romney too)but that would just mortify the Left and the would be pretty cool to observe it though. And about the sixties entrenchment in academia; if they are spawning their replacements there is no hope- they can't die soon enough. Though now that I think of it maybe they should live long and not prosper to see no melting, no rising of oceans, the adoption of Sharia Law in their homeland and see what their comments would be about those. I wish I could be around for that one.


5:48 PM

Terry -

Keep this in mind. Since the early days of the Romney campaign it has been an open secret that GWB and his team have been working for Romney behind the scenes. Things are now coming more out into the open. With Florida moving its primary up, Romney has started to focus his attention on Florida. Jeb's chief of staff is running the Romney campaign and a number of important Jeb people are now on board with Mitt. Rumors are rampant that Jeb is the leading candidate for VP. If Hillary gets the Dem nomination, there is a better chance that Jeb could be picked, as the media would be hard pressed to make the nepotism case. So you guys might get your man after all.

My uncle ran GHWB's Pennsylvania campaign in 88 and he and my sister had a lot of interaction with Jeb. My sister had a huge crush on Jeb and my uncle always said that Jeb was the real political talent of the family. They thought W was kind of wise ass who liked to push people around. My feeling his that W probably isn't that person anymore, but I still think Jeb is the better politician. And more the true conservative. Jeb has plenty of time to get back on the horse and I think he probably will. Having him on board with either Mitt or Rudy would make me very happy.