Sorry Bono

Makes sense.



6:01 PM

now that's funny


6:34 PM

If he laughs, it's funny. A tough room, indeed.

Paul Bartomioli

7:54 AM

and Bono's solution to this supposed tragedy was........nothing.


9:55 AM

Yeah, that Bono. Just sits around all day, disengaged from the world. Spending his money on sunglasses and reading romance novels. I don't know, Paul. Maybe it's the soft bigotry of no expectations re: rock stars, but can't ya give this guy some credit for working hard ( And not just to get his picture in People )on issues that matter?

That said. If this were a true story, I wonder how Bono would have reacted to the guy yelling his comment? My guess is he would have exploded on stage, trying to keep from laughing out loud.