Say You're Sorry, Howie

It might be appropriate for Howard Kurtz to do a follow up on his remarks yesterday about the coarseness of political debate on the internet. As I noted below, he argued that the left and right are equally guilty on this subject. But today we have an interesting test case.

Last week when Elizabeth Edwards announced she had cancer, the leading righty blogs were universally kind and well behaved, as were their commenters. Today Tony Snow made a similar announcement. Note that:

1) The Huffington Post took the unusual step of closing its Snow article to comments, knowing the kind of commentary that would be written.

2) On Kurtz's own Washington Post site, the sewage spewed as one might have predicted

3) The Daily Kos led the lefty blogosphere with its post, "I Don't Care About Tony Snow".

All this was totally predictable. Howard Kurtz knows the political left in the blogosphere considers it a badge of honor to be vulgar and coarse. He also knows that most of the leading right wing blogs are written by professional, family oriented people who generally don't use inflammatory rhetoric (there are some exceptions... Michelle).

His attempt to whitewash the subject yesterday is made particularly obvious with today's news. He needs to apologize to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and have the guts to report the state of the political debate on the internet as it exists