Reuters Sides With Wrong

This is not the only case of MSM outlets clearly siding with the outlaw Iranian regime in their reporting. If anyone needed any more evidence that the western media is unable to differentiate between right and wrong, here it is.

According to Reuters, the British sailors now "admit" that they were in Iranian territory. Never mind that these statements were clearly elicited under duress. Never mind that in past hostage takings, the Iranians have filmed their hostage statements while holding guns to the heads of other hostages off camera. Never mind that parading hostages in front of cameras is explicitly outlawed by signatories to the Geneva Conventions.

This kind of moral turpitude on the part of the western media is stunning. Any objective reading of the hostage situation between Britain and Iran would lead a rational person to conclude that the Iranians snatched the Brits from Iraqi waters. Hell, even before the Iranians had their PR lined up, they said they pulled the Brits from the Iraqi side of the border.

It's a sad day for the modern world when leading western media outlets can't judge right from wrong.