The Real Meaning of...




11:22 PM

This looks like something the Jake of , say, age 24 might have been interested in... (i.e., back when all of his brains were in his impressive biceps...)


5:56 PM

Well, let's see. What did I do today to get the old adrenaline going? Jumped out of bed after drinking a ( Very strong ) cup of Joe. My wife brought it up to me, as I was reading a VERY HEAVY Norman Mailer novel. Put the book down, sipped the coffee. Had a brief conversation with my wife about a Winnebago we're thinking of buying. Drove up ( The very dangerous I-95 ) through Providence. Dodged many, many cars driven by lunatics. Risky business? You bet. But we made it through Providence OK. We were on our way to Lexington, Mass. , where I guy named " Swifty " was offering his camper for sale. I am not making that up. His name is " Swifty. " Talk about risk taking behavior. Driving 90 miles on I-95 ( Which turns into RT 128, which is even MORE dangerous than I-95 ) To look at a Winnebago pushed by a guy name of " Swifty. "

Long comment short. We met Swifty. Checked out the camper. Liked it. We're considering buying it. Drove back home and watched the Sox play Baltimore. In a few minutes we're going to watch the NCAA picks for The Big Dance, the basketball tournament that determines the national champion.

I'm bushed. It's been a long, exhausting, adrenaline rush of a Sunday.


Then I watched that video you posted today. My question is this: How'd those guys get to the top of that mountain? They all piled into a Winnebago's my guess. But I'll bet they didn't buy it from a guy name of Swifty.

Terry #2