The Post Finally Comes Clean

This is a couple of days old, but having been deep in computer hell, I didn't get the chance to address it.

Let me just say that it fits well within the "when pigs fly" category... as in, "when pigs fly the Washington Post will report that Joseph Wilson has been fibbing and flacking his way around Washington for four years".

So duck, because the Post finally mentioned that a Senate committee debunked Wilson's claim that he hadn't found evidence that Iraqis sought uranium in Niger, and that his wife Valerie had nothing to do with the trip.

In fact, the Post finally admits that the Bush Administration was not trying to "out" Valerie Plame, and that the trial of Scooter Libby was a misguided adventure by an overzealous prosecutor.

Several liberal leaning commentors at the asked why the Post was now contradicting its own news articles. I wonder also. Maybe it is now just all too obvious. Maybe the new media is breathing down its neck (Politico, com!). And maybe they're scared that the next time they brazenly hype stories that end up in court, they won't be positioned well to keep their secret sources from being outed.

But the question remains. If the Washington Post is (as it claims to be) a non partisan news outlet, why did it take them four years to comment on the Plame affair in a way that resembles the truth? Why did these editors never challenge Wilson's misstatements? Why did they send their reporters out to dig up stories on a non-existent scandal?

The answer is that they were trying to sell newspapers at the expense of an Administration that is doing its best to lead a country in a time of war. It's that simple. It's that sad.

The age of Big Media can't end too soon.