Nice Guy

They had to go back quite a way to tag Mitt Romney's family with polygamy. Not so far for Obama's, apparently.



9:52 PM

I know as much about Mitt Romney as I know about most of the pitchers in the Red Sox bullpen this year. That said...

19th century Mormon Joseph Smith wrote of The Book of Mormons that if it contained mistakes or faults " it be the mistakes of men. " He admits that mistakes in the Mormon bible are possible. Likely even. In other words, Mormonism isn't infallible. There's room for uncertainty, alongside the mystery.

To paraphrase Maggie Thatcher, That sounds like a religion with which I could do business.

Maybe I'll try to learn more about Mitt. Before the Sox start to play and I get totally obsessed with that there campaign.


9:54 PM

oops. That last one by Walsam was me, Terry #2.