More to the Carol Lam Story

Bryon York runs down the details of the Carol Lam attorney firing. Clearly the Democrats are cherry picking information to make their case. But it also looks like the Justice Department is being run rather poorly. That's no surprise. It is, after all, a government bureaucracy.

The picture that emerges from the evidence in the Lam case is of a Justice Department at profound policy odds with the U.S. attorney, preparing to take action against her, but at the same time ignoring or brushing off outsiders who criticized Lam on the very grounds that troubled Department officials. Added to that was a bureaucratic morass that made it impossible for the Department to do anything quickly. Together, those factors created a situation in which Department officials pursued a reasonable goal — finding a new U.S. attorney for Southern California — while denying to outsiders that they were doing it, taking far too long to get it done, and mismanaging its execution. In other words, it was an operation in which Justice Department officials did virtually everything wrong — except what they’re accused by Democrats of doing.

Read the whole thing. And then consider the broader context.

A new Democrat controlled congress is using its power to weaken a Republican administration. Nothing more and nothing less. Fortunately for the Democrats, they can always depend on the mainstream media to report cat fights on Capital Hill, and ignore more complex and difficult to report stories.