More Love from the BBC

Like you don't know this if you watch the BBC.

Reminds me of a dinner partner I had at a wedding in London. She went on and on about how Bush was a troglodyte and a danger to the free world. I listened quietly for about a half an hour and then began asking questions.

It turned out she agreed with just about everything Bush was doing. At the end of the exchange, she was relegated to admitting that it was just the way he spoke that drove her crazy. At about that time, I looked at her and advised she not go to Texas if she didn't like the way Texans speak. A look of confusion ran across her face and she changed the subject.



2:28 AM

Terry #2

Well the mystery is solved. I've been wondering who that was in Jacksonville. Nice to know it is Terry #3.

Sorry you're having problems with the comment section. Seems it works for others. Let me know what happens when you try to comment and I'll see if I can help figure it out.

Re southern accents, I personally quite like the souther drawl. My favorite is southern Virginia, but all of them are fine with me. Having lived in Europe and the UK for six or seven years, I got well over thinking the British sounded "smart". There are plenty of dim wits over there, too.

That said, I very much like the Euro English accent. It is much softer than American English and more neutral than English English. My Belgian secretary had a lovely manner of speaking English. Very soft and well annunciated.

But best of all is the way Dutch women speak English. Very sexy.

Sorry I haven't been spending time on your blog. Will remedy. I'll put it in my reader tomorrow.


8:18 PM

Figured out the comment problem. ( Obviously ) You're right. There are plenty of dimwits over there in the U.K. When folks here think of British TV, Masterpiece Theater probably comes to mind. I saw some good stuff on The Beebs #1 and #2, and ITV. Also saw some bloody awful stuff, bedroom farces and sitcoms that make Three's Company look like a Tennessee Williams play. My favorite British accent? I dated this girl who lived near Kings Cross. Not quite cockney, but the sound of her voice was as memorable as the bittersweet sound, in the distance, of the bells of St. Clemens.