Media Iococca Needed

Jay Rosen, an NYU media critic, claims that the reason the American media is doing poorly is that it has a "quality" problem. Think of the US auto industry in the 1970's and the "K" car. Poor products in the face of rising competition.

Want some evidence? Last week Joint Chief's Chairman Peter Pace made an offhand remark about the immorality of homosexual acts. The national press spent three days analyzing and commenting. This week Pace went to China and made some very significant public statements about the future of US and China military relations. Hear anything about that?

A quick Google search found one article each from the AP and BBC. The Huffington Post, to their credit, had a post. And the rest of the articles came from Chinese, Japanese, and conservative and military focused American internet newspapers and news sites. Little if anything from any mainstream American newspaper or network news sites.

In the scheme of things, rate the importance of gays in the military against the future of American-Chinese military cooperation. Need I say more?

"K" car indeed.