Light Blogging

Sorry folks for the light blogging. Work has gotten busy and I'm just taking some down time from Blogger. And another thing. There's nothing great going on in politics. Normally I zip through my Google Reader and come up with plenty on which to comment. Lately all my saved articles don't do much to inspire.

Perhaps it has something to do with the state of Washington politics. The Democrats can't get any bills past the Republicans, so they seem to have settled on a "pure politics" strategy. It's not unlike when the when the Republicans had the House and during the Clinton Administration. The only difference is that the Republicans had juicier scandals to work with and there weren't 150,000 troops deployed in a hot zone.

But another reason for my mild disinterest in blogging is that spring has arrived in the South. The weather is simply gorgeous. The trees and flowers are all in full bloom, the days are warm, the nights are cool and the humidity is low. And this early daylight savings thing is great. March, April and May are the best months in South Carolina. It's heaven on earth at this time of year.

I know I haven't properly kept up on the blog when I get emails telling me to "get off the stick", as I did today. So I'll work up something later. Meanwhile, it's off with the bike to the back roads. I hope it is as nice where you are.



6:35 AM

I used to visit Rob Marks in Durham NC this time of year and it was always gorgeous.

In Lakeville CT we still have a snowpack of 14-16 inches and had a storm Friday that produced more than a foot. My kids and I skied at Catamount over the weekend and conditions (powder and packed powder) were outstanding.

Can't wait for spring so that I can take out my bike, too.


8:54 AM

I recall my days as a young airman at Myrtle Beach AFB. I arrived there, reported for duty on May 13. It had been, by that time, summerlike for two months. I just reconnected with an old buddy of mine ( He's a nuclear physicist. Knows something about the difference between hot and cold ). He just moved to Hilton Head and I envy him. It's cold up here on the coast of Rhode Island, and will be through May. Enjoy that S.C. weather, Jake. Sounds like you're earning it.

Terry #2


11:47 AM

The weather in Atlanta is likewise fabulous, what I call "San Diego weather" (sunny, 70, 20% humidity)...